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4-H Club

What is 4-H?

4-H is a club that meets during school hours. It is a community service club!!

We meet on the second Friday of each month from 2:00-2:45. The cost to join is $10.00. 

Your student can become as involved as he or she wishes in 4-H. He or she can choose to just attend the meetings at school, or he or she can choose to participate in the extra activities outside school hours. If he or she chooses to participate outside school hours then he/she will be rewarded for his/her 4-H involvement. 4-H holds a Fun day in May. If your student chooses to participate in the activities after school and  completes the requirements for Fun day then he/she will be able to attend the Fun Day.

The requirements are to bring at least 5 community service items, complete 2 projects, and complete the 4-H project book. The community service items for each month are located on the newsletters that your student will receive at each meeting.  This newsletter is also attached below. The 2 projects are also listed in each month's newsletter. Some projects include building a birdhouse, making a diary poster, and etc.

Further 4-H Info

4H Clover